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Blackheads and acne!! help plz!?

i have blackheads on my nose and a few acne bumps. is it a good idea to treat both of them the same time or one at a time?

ex: can i use clearasil products for acne and blackheads one after the other or should i only use 1 product at a time?

thanksBlackheads and acne!! help plz!?
use a good cleanser first of all and drink plenty of water. do you have oily skin?

Do not skip your mosturizer, when you strip your face of oil by cleaning, your body works extra hard to produce more oil. use an oil free moisturizer to combat this.Blackheads and acne!! help plz!?

I actually found a facial oil that dissolves black heads within 4-8 weeks I put all the info on my blog as it's quite detailed:

Black heads are basically a hardened oil mixture that was secreted from your pores and oxidized (which makes the outside part black) and since water and oil don't mix, no water based product can ';clean'; your blackheads away, just try say putting certain foundations or makeups on the mirror and if you wipe it with water it smudges all over but put a little baby oil and wipe and tada! it comes off super clean AND dissolves it. So this is basically how this oil works. It's composition is such that the skin accepts it as a healing oil and it does not clog your skin but rather protects it while the plant extracts inside go down into the pores (this absorption is made possible by applying the toner to the skin before applying the oil and then applying the dabs of oil over your moistened face), it then penetrates into the pores.

I put where to the name of the oil and prices in stores versus on eBay as well as how to apply it on my blog:

Take care and good luck!

Try this.

Aloe vera gel mixed with 2 drops of tea tree essential oil works really well and has been shown in studies to improve acne. Doing scrubs is not good for acne at all because it irritates acne so I use warm oatmeal with a little bit of honey to exfoliate which is more gently. A french ';green'; clay mask works very well also. I started using a papaya mask a few weeks ago and I now have a great glow and less acne!! It removes impurities from deep within and your acne may get worse before it gets better using the french clay.

Papaya mask/exfoliant

Cut the papaya in 1 inch chunks. Blend/mash 2 or 3 chunks and store the wrest in the freezer. Apply the blended/mashed papaya and leave on face for 10-20 min. Use 2 or 3x a week.

The papaya may tingle but that just means that the papaya is working and it is breaking down dead skin cells to give that lovely glow and since it breaks down the dead skin it clears out the pores and in turn they shrink!!! (You may not see the results you want until you use it for a while.)

You should try an organic cleanser. (You can get them at a health food store.) I use a herbal astringent recipe from ';The herbal body book'; by Stephanie Tourles which you can get cheap on Works really good and is so soothing. Use a oil free moisturizer or emu oil (鈥?/a> at night on your face, neck and chest. (Emu oil doesn't clog pores and won't cause more acne. Promise!! I use it) Try taking vitamins A, E, D, C, B5 vitamin %26amp; Zinc. Also eat healthy lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Boxed foods and fast food will make it so much worse!

If you are on a tight budget try this.

Cleanser: baking soda or sea salt.

Toner: Organic green tea or aloe vera gel.

Moisturizer: 1/2 cup water 3 tsp. vegetable glycerin and 5 drops lemon essential oil or oil free moisturizer.

Mask: (use 2 or 3x a week unless you have dry skin.) French ';green'; clay removes impurities tightens and tones skin. (You can use overnight as a spot treatment also.) Leave on for 10-20 min or until dry then rinse and moisturize.

Exfoliant: (use 2 or 3x a week unless you have dry skin.) Warm oatmeal mixed with a little honey. and left on for 5 minutes then rinse and moisturize.

Blackheads: Baking soda mixed with water into a paste and then add tea tree essential oil if you'd like then scrub the affected are 2-3 min. Or apply elmers glue to affected are let dry and peel off like you would pore strips. Works really well!

Daily as a morning toner/moisturizer you can use 1/4 tsp. aloe vera gel mixed with 2 or 3 drops of tea tree essential oil. Works really well.

Also take vitamins A, E, D, C, B5 vitamin %26amp; Zinc. Also eat healthy lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Boxed foods and fast food will make it so much worse!

Hope this helps!!
I had bad acne but now my face is clearing up %26amp; the little pimples that I have now arent even noticable. I try proaticv %26amp; dident work I also tryed Clean%26amp;Clear %26amp; Clearasil it dident work on me the only acne product that does is Neutrogena most of my pimples are gone and also instead of drinking all the coke I use to drink I drink water now you will never see coke in my house again it just makes your acne worse!
You can clean your skin with apple cider vinegar as a simple home remedy. Check out for more useful info. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
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