Sunday, April 25, 2010

Steaming Blackheads????Can't Breathe!!!?

I recently found out a really good way of preventing spots, and also reducing spots that you already have. It's the steaming method thingy, where you fill a bowl with boiling water, put a towel over your head, and let the steam go over your face. My only problem is, when I do this, i have to keep taking my head out of the towel, because I can't breathe under the towel! Is there any way that I can solve this? Please don't just say that I should stop doing it! xoxthanksxox Steaming Blackheads????Can't Breathe!!!?
i just steamed my face because i have bad blackheads i find it easier if i leave a gap in the towel so i can just lift my head when i feel i can't breathe but i still get steam on my face so it works really wellSteaming Blackheads????Can't Breathe!!!?
To me I dont like steaming blackheads cause it seem pointless because basically its like puting warm water to your face. Steaming and puting warm water helps open up pores which has dirt and oily.

Instead of steaming your face to get rid of black heads, you could do a home remedie that I use and it works well.

Get a egg (get only the egg white), put it on your nose or chin (w/e has blackheads), then put on top a oil blotting sheet, leave it on for 10 mins and pull out slowly.

You're only supposed to steam your face for about 30 seconds, not an extended amount of time.
Try a straw. That's all I can think of besides stop doing it - which I know you don't want to do. Good luck.

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