Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Soda cures blackheads?

does using soda to wash the problem areas cure blackhead problem? anyone tried it or know some good ways to get rid of blackheads forever?Soda cures blackheads?
The cause for pimples are many and not only adolescence as

popularly believed. Chronic constipation is one major cause,

the food we eat plays a very important role. You will have

to cut down the fried food, chocolates, cheese and aerated

drinks. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables with

a lot of water. Instead of washing the face with soap, use

orange peel powder. Dry Orange peels in the shade for 4-5

days. Powder finely and store. Wash your face with this 2-3

times a day. It clears the face and feels very refreshing.

more tips http://acnecaretipz.blogspot.comSoda cures blackheads?
I have heard of many 'tricks' but not this one.

The best way to get black heads gone - is a hot compress.

Take a clean, wet wash cloth and heat in micro apply

and repeat. If the black heads are on your nose gently push your nose and nostril area up -

wash with an acne face wash and follow with a toner.

A toner offers balance to your face - and helps keep black heads away - (not 100% but it does help).

If your black heads are on your check try to get them to the surface and gently use fingers, not nails to push them up

(with the compress first)..

Don't ever use force in fear of a scar or creating a bigger problem.

Always use a heated mask once a week for black heads.

On a clean face.

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