Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackheads!! Help?

My nose and chin are covered with blackheads. I don't really have ';major'; breakouts but I want to get my pores good and clean to get rid of the blackheads that are still present. I've heard of steaming then scrubbing, but I have sensitive enough skin that the idea of scrubbing freaks me out. What would be a good product/tool to ';scrub'; with? And what's the best way to go about steaming?Blackheads!! Help?
I have heard that milk baths/treatments have worked in the past. I have a milk and almond scrub by Kiehl's that I use on my body sometimes and I like how it does my skin. For your face, however, I wouldn't use something as rough as almonds. Maybe you could fashion your own facial treatment alongside with the steaming. I've heard good things about steaming, but I know good things about milk being used for your skin, too. You could look up some milk bath recipes online and use those for your face.Blackheads!! Help?
Talk with your doctor and a dermatologist.
Make sure that you are washing you face at least twice a day with a acne/blackhead treatment soap ( I use Almay). Then use a clarifying lotion ( I use Acne Free- cheaper than Proactiv and available at your local drug store) then I moisturize with Aveeno Daily Clarifying moisturizer. You should only ';scrub'; once a week, that will only produce more breakouts.

And never, ever squeeze them out
OK. Get yourself a pair of those Body Exfoliating Bath Gloves. Using a sensitive foam cleanser, clean your face and then, (without rinsing) using the gloves, delicately wipe the problem areas on your face. But don't use every day, only 2-3 times per week. Blackheads are awful and I suffered from them for years. Everyone tells you not to squeeze but it's hard not to when they're large as life on your face. Keep cleansing, but if you must squeeze thendo so with 2 tissues. Gross as it sounds, squeeze as you normally would, but with a tissue in front of each 'squeezing' finger. This won't leave a scar as your 'traditional' squeezing would. Good Luck.
I have the same problem. I have been using clean and clear blackhead face wash and blackhead cleansing pads. They work great. You can buy these at any drugstore or walmart.
go 4 a facial

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