Sunday, April 25, 2010

Does sunbathing get rid of blackheads??

Well ive struggled with blackheads for years...but all asudden the other day my nose was completely clear...i did sit out in the sun for a couple hours with salycidic acid moisturizer on my nose and then went to lacrosse practice...after all this i look in the mirror and my nose was completely clear?? but now days later i havent gotten much sun and i notice the blackheads are back..Does sunbathing get rid of blackheads??
actually your right sun and heat does take away black heads and pimples...the heat actually burns off the puss and all the bad stuff and clears it up if u sit out alot use moisturizer it will go away completley !!!!!! i tried and it workes greatDoes sunbathing get rid of blackheads??
what do you think the moisturizer and sweating from exercise did?
Use facial masks once a week to clear pores, and an astringent like Oxy to wipe away oils.
Not sure if the sun has helped you clear but blackheads are hardened sebum which blacken with exposure to the air and are embedded deep into the pores. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.

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