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Can anyone help me with my blackheads?!?!?!?

i have many blackheads around my nose and its frustrating and i was wondering if any one knew a way to get rid of them.. i have tried everything from ..scrubs to strips... helpp?!?!?1Can anyone help me with my blackheads?!?!?!?
Been there and done this: First of all avoid using products formulatted with mineral oil and animal products. These do not get absorbed by the skin and what it does is that it clogs your pores. In fact mineral oil is the 2nd worse thing you could do to your skins health #1 is the sun, it is like rubbing car oil on your skin and exposing yourself to the sun... Animal product come form rendering plants, these plants pick all dead animals from the road, meatmarkets etc and what they do is put them in a huge pot and squash everything inside and boil it the oil that comes to the top is what other companies use to formulate their ';beauty'; products ... gross i know.. eww lipstick and aghhh .. anyway, the important thing to do is read your ingredients and use the right ones regularly .... I use Arbonne's Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and their facial scrub anyway, their entire antiaging line which i love and I am only 33 years old, under shop online, and have noticed that the blackheads have dissappear and when i see some they are easily to get them out with out marking your skin. they are botanically based and formulatted with no animal products and wihout mineral oil. works wonderful for me and the best thing is that you could shop online, receive it in your house and if ther is something you do not like about the products which is rarely to happen, you return the item and they give your money back .... you have nothing to loose only those hateful blackheads ;~)Can anyone help me with my blackheads?!?!?!?
Honey I cant help you but I can say you aint alone w/ that problem!
This sounds like it's job related?? If not you may be subconsciously rubbing your nose area. Keeping your hands off of your face will help stop reoccurring, blackheads, and blemishes. You have to cleanse your face AM, and PM. If you go to a cosmetic counter, (by the way, don't be embarrassed) any consultant will be more than happy to help you achieve a flawless look. Male or Female. I know because I did this for years.

But really all the scrubs,masks,peels, and strips won't help you if you keep rubbing your T-Zone Area. Hope this helps you!
i know they're creams to open up your pores to help get the black heads out, but I think the best is to go see an esthetician.
Drink plenty of water - reduce your greasy food intake and get a skin care regimen. Try this too - if you like the pore strips, mix a little glue (school white) with water and put it on and top it with a paper towel or napkin or something like that. Let it dry and voila - instant pore strip - FYI

I have used a Swiss ';Mallow Lotion'; that is purely botanical extracts and mallow which is a soothing ingredient. It contains wheat germ oil and the lotion actually softens the skin unbelievably and DOES SOFTEN THE BLACKHEADS SO THEY COME OUT EASIER. I have had a prob with a blackhead that sat next to my nose, it ws thick too, and the only hting the got rid of it was using this lotio for moisturizer and then a few days later I just squeezed the blackhead out and effortlessly.

What i recommend is you wash yr face with a mild cleanser has a really good one *fRESH SOY CLEANSER its like liquid gold no smell and just refreshing you cn use it over yr eyes lashes entire face and will not dry yr skin and removes all make up and conditions the eyelashes at the same time. Instead of 3 dif. products this one is ONE thta does all.

Then steam yr face for 5 minutes. AFter that the pores will be easier to let the dirt out so with a pimple squeezer or yr two fingers wrapped in cotton, gently push up and out where the blackhead is. If it doesnt come out put a mask on it like a dead sea salt clay mask. And wait a few days. For many blackheads on yr nose JUST PUSH UP LIKE YOU WERE SCRUBBING AND MOPPING A FLOOR, BUT ON YR SKIN, PUTTING PRESSURE LIGHTLY WITH YR FOREFINGER IN COTTON AND UP AND OUT EVERYWHERE YOU SEE BLACKHEADS. cAREFUL WITH YR NAILS those will scar yr skin. no nails.

When they come out immidiately rinse yr face with cold water and apply a toner or astringent for yr face type (acne prone) something with salycilic acid.

You cannot get them all out at the same time. Little by little. But do use the Swiss Just ';Mallow Lotion'; it is not sold in stores, its private Swiss distributorships that sells it, but you can see it online.

I have known this exquisite botanical Swiss line for 10 yrs now, its new here in the USA but its superb. They also have hydrotherapy extracts and many healing botanical products. all are natural nothing artificial.

I should start selling it myself as I am one big fan of their products, but unfurtunately though I am a member of teh Swiss Just family I cannot sell bc Im home bound ill many times.

I would also use the strips on yr nose too, but give yr nose a rest of a few days in between.

And dont assume that you cannot use moisturizer, you have to to keep yr skin soft supple. makes a cream from yougurt for oily skin too and its great Greek product. Or buy anything in Sephora for yr skin type.

Write to me if you have questions. I can help you o n skin issues.
go to the doctor and they will help... also try to use clean and clear...
i have the same problem amd some people mistake them for freckles cuz there are so many on my nosse, clean and clear in the purple bottle is great for preventing any more from coming, but if ther already there it doesnt do much to get them out, best thing is to go get a professional facial, but even still they come back after a month or so
Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

Everyone acts like they hurt but they really don't. They help with the blackheads and make your pores appear smaller. There's also a nice scent to the green tea ones.
try using some lemon juice to tighten up your skin after you use a product to clean it well
Blackheads can happen to anyone, no matter what your skin type. Blackheads are caused by oil in your skin that gets caught and expands in the pores. Oxidizing from exposure to the air, the oil actually turns black.

what works for some people might not work for everyone but here are some things that you can consider.~

First, stop the problem before it starts. Use noncomedogenic, oil-free, water-based skin-care products. (Noncomedogenic means the products were laboratory tested and approved by the FDA not to clog pores and cause blackheads.)

If you change your skin-care routine and still get blackheads, speak to a dermatologist about getting a prescription for Retin-A, which is a strong exfoliant that opens pores, sloughs off dead skin and cleans out blackheads.

If all else fails, a dermatologic facial performed at a dermatologist's office involves a prescription-strength acid that gets rid of dead layers of skin and the use of surgical instruments to extract the blackheads.

Blackheads are a problem that should be treated by a dermatologist. But, if you want to try an over-the-counter product, a lot of people rave about Biore Pore Perfect Strips, which are supposed to lift out blackheads on your nose, forehead and chin.

Hope this helps~

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