Sunday, April 25, 2010

Biore & Blackheads?

Im 15, and i've been using Biore blackhead strips for almost a year. It just doesnt seem to be helping much. People always say Biore is the best brand, and that you can see the blackheads on the strip when you pull it off. I dont see them. What does work for blackheads? I also use a Mint Julep mask sometimes and that works a little.

Any other ideas?Biore %26amp; Blackheads?
I would reccommend switching to neutrogena's blackhead scrub. Neutrogena focuses on the black heads and only on the black heads. Biore doesn't really focus on that and sometimes they claim to reduce shine or shrink pores. Always use a product that specializes in what it claims to do. Never use a product that multi-tasks.Biore %26amp; Blackheads?
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