Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackheads in ear?

I have blackheads in my ears and i dont know how to get rid of them. Also, theres a blackhead that turned into a pimple and it is verrry painful. any help on easing the pain or making them go away? (the blackheads and the painful pimple)

help?Blackheads in ear?
next time you go to your doctor, tell him about it, and he will give you a little bottle with cream(can't remeber the name) and you apply it nightly or every other, and in three to four months it will clear upBlackheads in ear?
i had that happen once i popped it with a bobby pin.

take the rounded end wash it first then slide it over the pimple. then wash your ear.

this should also help in removing some of the blackheads.

try washing your ears out every night before you go to bed.

dry them well after showers and swimming too.
how far inside your ear? if you can pop them then try to get a needle and pop them..hopefully they don't get to bigg cause if they do then it might stop your hearing..yes go see what the doctor can give you..i wish you luck!
take a pen, be very careful.... and pop it!! youll only get the bacteria out , wash it with soap and water to keep it from more bacteria!!

Hope it helps you

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