Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can blackheads turn into pimples?


Blackheads are open pores, pimples are blocked poresCan blackheads turn into pimples?
No, it's another form of a pimple.Can blackheads turn into pimples?
Yes. They can.

While, initially, they are two different things, ';when the build-up of oil and bacteria bursts out of the duct into surrounding skin and tissue, it can result in infection, or a pimple. Not all blackheads turn into pimples. But pimples do result from infected white and blackheads.';鈥?/a>

Try Clinique clarifying lotion in 4 or 5. Keep your face scrupulously clean.
No, i dont think so!
no a blackhead is a pore that is not infected but still has visible dirt in it

a pimple is an infected pore from the hair folicle becoming infected from the oil or dirt on your face
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