Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is the best blackhead control?

I need advice on using STORE BOUGHT blackhead con troll or remover for my face. If you can give me some specific brands, it would help a lot! Thanks!What is the best blackhead control?
Two words: Olay Regenerist. It's purpose is for anit-aging, but the speeding of cellular turnover really clears out the gunk. I always had blackheads before using this stuff, but now, not only do I not have blackheads, but my pores are almost invisible now. Try the cream cleanser and the serum for day, and maybe add a night cream at night (though not nessecary if youre really young). Plus, its never to early to start 'preventative maintenance' :)What is the best blackhead control?
Exfoliate! This will help remove blackheads and whiteheads as well as reduce the size of your pores. Smaller pores don't get clogged easily and this would prevent blackheads from appearing.

A good exfoliant ro use would be Zenmed's AHA/BHA Complex.
biorre or something spelt like that. the strips they have them for your nose and i think forehead... i mostly get them for my nose though

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