Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pimples and blackheads..need something that works within 3 days.?

I tried proactive but it worked for sometime only. Then it stopped and i started breaking out again.. need something that won't harm my skin, if possible something natural. ALso something tht doesn't dry out the skin too much.Pimples and blackheads..need something that works within 3 days.?
You definitly need to try the medicated acne peel and spot treatment by Bee-Luscious Cosmetics also to moisturize the hydrating cream concentrate is truly amazing you will so love it . You can also look under bee royalproductsPimples and blackheads..need something that works within 3 days.?
you can try making a baking soda paste and putting it on your blackhead for about 10 minutes, then you rinse with hot water, then immediately with cold water.
To get rid of blackheads, use those Biore porestrips. If you want to get rid of them in a natural way, then steam your face 3 times a week. After steaming your face, use a clay mask on those stubborn blackheads.

As for pimples, you have to be patient. Go see a dermatologist for that.
Try asking a dermatologist, see what they say, but if you have within 3 days that may not be a possibility!
i use apricot scrub to get rid of my black heads. But I scrub hard for about a min on every side of my face...
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