Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackheads on my nose!?

What's the best detox for blackheads on my nose? I've tried those strips but my blackheads are too deep (ew..). I've also tried squeezing them out but again, they're too deep

I bought some daily blackhead scrub which I'll start using on my nose from now on, any other suggestions?

Should I get one of those blackhead tools with the stick with the loop on the end? I could have a hot shower and use it afterwards to make sure I don't have to press too hard and risk scarring?Blackheads on my nose!?
I sort mine out with a daily scrub (neutrogena is really good) and toner (neutrogena again)

Then once a week i steam my face, by putting it over a bowl of really hot water(but not in it, itl burn!!) with a towel over my head so as not to let the steam get out. This opens pores fantastically.

Before steaming my face i put my blackhead tool inn a cup of boiling water, this is SO SO SO important otherwise you'll get bacteria on it which will turn them into spots.

Then take the pointed end and press it into the centre of the blackhead( dont stab youll make it bleed) you'll probably feel a soet of pop , just showing you've like penetrated it. then place the loop over and press gently, all the yucky stuff should come out easily if you just follow my instructions.

Afterwards just incase id dab it with an antisepticand then youre good to go

Hope i helped!


xxxxxxxxBlackheads on my nose!?
hi, i used to have very noticeable blackheads on my nose. I used biore deep cleansing pore strips for a temporary fix, but to really get rid of them i use Clearasil blackhead control pads with natural sea salt...hope this helps!
welcome to the club lol
No, that device is not one size fits all.鈥?/a>

plain clay mask should help to. St. Ives used to have this in the blue container. Queen Helen has mint Julep mask. Works good too.
ZAPZYT works good you can get it at walmart.

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