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Blackheads around my nostrils ??

I have blackheads on my nose, nostrils and around them and on my cheeks. I've heard of these biore strip things and i dont know where to buy them from and i dont know how much they cost so how do i remove them at home. Its really painful when i try squeezing them because of the areas there in what do i do ?

P.S dont tell me to buy any products because i said in the question 'AT HOME'Blackheads around my nostrils ??
You can buy Biore in BootsBlackheads around my nostrils ??
Try putting your face over a bowl of steaming water with a drop of lemon in it,then put a towel over your head trapping the steam.This will act like a sauna and release the traped dirt in your poures.Hope you find this works,it will also clear your nasal passages!
Try putting ice on your nose for a while,that will kill the pain or even Bonjella if you have some in the house.
You can buy Biore or many other pore cleaning strips from most chemists but they are expensive - about 拢3 for 6 strips.

I recommend putting boiling water in a bowl place your face over it with a towel over your head to trap the steam, stay there for as long as you can - this will open up the pores. Once the pores are open you will be able to gently squeeze the blackheads using tissue around your fingers quite pain free. Then wash the area thoroughly using a non-perfumed soap such as simple.

Try using a facial scrub (you can buy own brands for about 拢1) twice a weeks around the troublesome area.

Be persistant - no results are immediate.
My personal advice would be to go to a beautician. I struggled with this at home for years (usually with the steaming procedure with a towel), probably because I couldn't see what I was doing. In my experience scrubs and strips are also not half as effective as going to a professional which is often not much more expensive. You will get much better results if someone else does it for you.

The professionals use a special implement which is much less damaging to the surrounding skin than squeezing with your fingers. Perhaps you could buy one of those if you really want to do this at home.
i have done a beauty course and done a dermatological course too! i would have to say steam, squeeze with tissue and start using face creams such as cleansing and moisturiser, dermatological own brand, go into a college where they do beauty courses and book in for a facial its half price! good luck.
I use biore strips %26amp; I now use garnier blackhead pads %26amp; that works. You have to buy items to make to the problem go away.
Baking powder apply onto areas...........Leave for while and wash offf...
In my opinion the strips don't do a grand job and then having opened the pores leave them open more causing more blackheads.

Just place a hot (as hot as you can bear without burning) flannel on your face then gently tease blackheads out. Don't squeeze more than you can bear.

Then use a toner or something after. If you don't have one (and don't want to buy one) then just gently pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Avoid putting your hands to your face and always make sure you wash them thoroughly as this is how most dirt transfers to our faces.
have a facial steam..boil the kettle..keep towel over head and put your head over hot water in a bowl...for at least 15 mins..then squeeze them out x will be easier and less painfull x X x

Make sure you cleanse,tone and moisturise at least once a week x X x
just soak a face towel in hot water drain and put on face.. this will make ur pores open cus of the heat and then squeeze comes out easy
My friend used strips and she said that she wasn't impressed yet I have and was both surprised and pleased with the results. However, the are quite costly. I would recommend having a steam facial (Over a basin of hot water) for about 15 minutes and then squeezing very gently to try and get the dirt out. Don't squeeze more than you can bear and stop when it hurts too much. It works for me!
dont wash ure face with soap this is wat causes black heads just use hot water u wont get anymore black heads after this x
Dont worry they're not blackheads, most likely its the beginning of a moustache.
to prevent blackheads, you need your pores to be deeply cleansed so you need alfa and beta hydroxy acids. What are they? They are the main ingredients inside the products in drugstore, the most important one is salicylic acid (beta hydroxy) and you can find it inside asprin. And you can find alfa hydroxy from the fruit acids: bilberry, orange, lemon, sugar cane etc. Mix an asprin tablet with lemon juice and apply this to the blackheads. Be carefull it will dry your skin, use an oil free moisturizer.

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