Sunday, April 25, 2010

Popping blackheads?

i have quite a few blackheads and i was wondering if you should squeez them out or what?? can you helpPopping blackheads?
You can squeeze them out but it may leave a scar behind so you should use a toner after this. One good toner is Kose sekkisei lotion. Picture from website=鈥?br>

I have a good way of removing it without scarring it. Personally, I have blackheads too and I have tried many methods of removing. I have a really cheap and simple way of doing it. I have told this to some of my friends and they say that it works. I believe most of your blackheads are on your nose. Try touching your nose and it will feel rough and after you follow what I say, it will feel smooth. Firstly, take a cotton pad and separate into 2 so the cotton pad is thinner by half. Next, you can cut the cotton pad that suits the area of your face where there is blackheads. Then, dip it into egg white and paste it on your face and wait for it to dry. It will seem a bit irritating if you put too much egg white as it may drip so you can use a tissue paper to wipe it off (the more egg white, the more effective it is) and it will stop after some time. I will recommend you to take nap as it will take about half to one hour. After one hour, you can try to see if the cotton pad is still damp. Make sure it is dry so that it will be effective. When it is dry, peel it off and you can see most of your blackheads on the dry cotton pad. You should use a toner too after this to close your pores and to reduce the blackheads.

I think that this is the best method but you must protect your face like applying pore-reducing creams like Estee Lauder's Idealist Skin Refinisher or Ettusias's pore minimising mask to prevent it from growing back and minimise the pores. Hope this help and wish you have a beautiful face after this.Popping blackheads?
use warm water to wipe it...then squeeze it out...or try to peel it out by a kind of facial sticker which you could get anywhere. Its good thou.
I like to use a pore strip after a hot shower/ sauna trip. That way your pores are really wide open and the strip can get at them without stressing your skin, well, any more than absolutely necessary.

True, it's probably best just to leave them alone and get a pro to work their magic on them, but hey, we're only human, and those facials are darn expensive!!
As annoying as they are, squeezing out blackheads can just lead to worse infection, so it's best to leave them be. Try using a facial scrub with the little microbeads in them- those work wonders for blackheads.
If you can stand squeezing them out, then go ahead.

You can also find strips...

Then when your face it clear get some type of facewash(I think Neutrogena has one) that helps prevent you won't have to deal with them again.

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