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I am 13 and i havent started my period. I already have pimples and blackheads pretty bad. Is it hormones????

What should i do?I am 13 and i havent started my period. I already have pimples and blackheads pretty bad. Is it hormones????
I'm 16 and I haven't started mine yet...I am 13 and i havent started my period. I already have pimples and blackheads pretty bad. Is it hormones????
just wait ull get it soon some people are get it early and sum get it late like my mom she got it when she was 15 and i got mine when i was 12 and yes it is hormones

oh and once you get it you wish you have never started i don't know what all the fuss is about with like 11 or 12 year old saying oh i wish i had my period
I'm 20, and I still am a pre-pubescent
Acne is cause by numerous thing
it doesnot mean. and its not hormones. we call it acne.u can use proactive solution to cure it. for more information check
the pimples and blackheads are totally different they are just clogged pores, get yourself a good cleaning solution and astringent and wash your face well. i have heard 'proactiv' is great and there is a generic product at walmart and most other stores that says its the same only cheaper. as for your period some girls don't start until they are 18 but most start around 13-15 so don't worry unless you are having some pain or something. ask your mom or doctor if you're really worried. otherwise you sound like a normal, growing 13 yr. old....don't worry all the woman stuff will hit you before you know it !
i am 11 and i haven't eitheir,i would just wait like i am!and i have pimples to!
Puberty has kicked in girl!

But, puberty means, pubic hair, acne, growth spurts, getting a more feminine shape and yes your period.

What comes when is based on genes, and sometimes patience.

So, just wait

Its completely normal to not have yours yet.

It will probably come in the next three years.
Your still in the normal range for not getting a period. Just have patience and for the next 40 years you'll be happy.
You're lucky like me. Only I'm 11. I've heared that it hurts and that it's a pain in the butt. If you don't get it by the age of 16 tell your doctor because it coul'd be a serious problem. But other than that you're okay. Even If you want to get it over with you just have to wait. So just hang in there. I also heard that if you are skinny if might come later. You might find white stuff in your underwhere before you get it.
thats normal.... you can start from 11 up to 16 or 18 its not unusual. be happy with who you are, when the time comes it comes... starting your period actually isnt all that great. dont worry you'll start eventually and pimples could just mean your face isnt clean.

well i hope i helped a little bit!
its just the part of life
could be that you are just not washing your face properly or enough (DON'T use a washcloth on face and wash twice a day)... could be a medical condition (like polycystic ovarian disorder) that people usually don't look for in females until they are older... it could just be that you are a late bloomer... don't worry too much about the period thing... just worry about taking care of your face, and DON'T pick at your blemishes... trust me, if i had listened when my mother said that, i wouldn't have all the scars on my face that i do... good luck
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