Sunday, April 25, 2010

Does The Sun Help Remove Spots & Blackheads..?

When i go on holiday will the sun get rid of my blackheads %26amp; spots..? :) xDoes The Sun Help Remove Spots %26amp; Blackheads..?
Short-term being in the sun can reduce acne but the sun also damages your skin causing aging. A good skin care regimen will keep pores clear and wrinkles at bay. Using moisturizer with SPF15 minimum when in the sun will help keep your skin healthy. If any acne treatments you're using contain salicylic acid (or benzoyl peroxide i think) you should not go in the sun without some sunscreen as it leaves you more susceptible to the sun's rays. There are several anti-acne ingredients that leave you more susceptible to sun damage. They usually list on the bottle somewhere to always use sunscreen while using the product if they do. Certain medications can cause you to be more susceptible to the sun too.Does The Sun Help Remove Spots %26amp; Blackheads..?
just don't wear any make up in the sun if you have spots. and if you're sweating from the heat, it also won't help.

generally, being in the sun is not very good for your skin. it might help you with some spots, but it'll make your skin age more quickly.
It does not help. The sun causes sun spots and darkening areas on forehead, nose and cheeks over time. the sun does not get rid of black heads either. I would say the sun would increase oil production in skin therefore creating more blemishes.

A good sun screen, one that is non oil based to where while on your holiday is your best bet.
No, infact sun will make ur skin sweat and oil which can even aggravate your pimples and black heads.But you can prevent it by using methods that can check oiliness on your face.
some of them yes.

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