Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best products for Blackheads?

6 days til school starts! i need to remove my backheads and zits? wat are the best prouducts that are drugstore products that wont hurt my skin or damage it? and theres no time to see a dermitoligstBest products for Blackheads?
Biore makes the best ';strips'; to get rid of blackheads. Just wet them down with some water and apply to clean (but NOT freshly scrubbed) skin - when it's dry - you'll be amazed at how much ';crud'; you'll pull out of your pores!Best products for Blackheads?
I suggest use a shaver ( like you use on your legs NONE ELECTRIC ) and take the head off ( DO NOT TAKE THE WHOLE ZIT OFF ) and squeeze the puss out of it. Then use a usual cleanser ( I suggest Clearasil ) and clean it up.

Now this is what I suggest to do over all. Go to your doctor and talk to him about Duac Gel and SFC lotion, you need a prescription to get it. The Duac gel is to dry out zits and treat the zits/black heads/white heads. The SFC lotion is to clean the face, help treat acne, and prevent. It is not a lotion so I have no idea why they call it lotion. It wont dry out your skin and I could not live without it.

Good luck on your first day of school!
hey im starting back school 2...... i find the best product is jus clean cold water on your skin and drink plenty of water 2 get rid of ur impuritys yes spots will *** up bu go in a day then you will have nice clean glowing skin



Number one DO NOT USE ANY CREAMS that are thick and greasy.

Number two DO NOT USE BAR SOAPS to wash your face.


Number four GENTLY remove blackheads by hand gentle gentle gentle

there's pads and other products. Just go to a Walgreens and pick your favorite.

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