Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads? Clogged Pores? Help!?

I have these little tiny black specks around my nostrils and on them. I wash my face everyday with Neutrogena Clear Pore wash and I use pore strips every once and a while but NOTHING gets them away! I don't know if they are blackheads or clogged pores or those are the same thing... please help! How do I get rid of them? All product suggestions and techniques are much appreciated!Blackheads? Clogged Pores? Help!?

Also, during the day you should be really careful not to touch these. Your fingers carry all sorts of dirt and grime and if your pores tend to clog, you might be making this worse.

Use a warm wash cloth and put it on your face for a while - this will kind of open up your pores. Then use an exfoliating cleanser. Do not put lotion or moisturizer on your face afterwards. Just let your face air-dry. The key here is to keep grime and dirt out of your pores as much as possible.Blackheads? Clogged Pores? Help!?
DO NOT USE NEUTROGENA!!! I used it and it made my pimples worse!!!!! what you need to use to open up your pores is simple remove make-up, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT used oil based products!

okay! start with splashing your face with cold water. then soak a small tawol in HOT water and place it on your forehead and keep it on there for five minutes ( you will feel your pores open and they begin to breathe!) next put lemon juice on your forehead. ( this will make your skin dry....THAT IS GOOD) and leave it there for 3 minutes.wash it off.

this process takes long but its worth it!!!
I know they can be expensive but a good facial will sort that out. Go to someone who knows what they are doing and tell them your specific issues and they will use techniques to sort them out such as extraction and warm towels.
You need to exfoliate your skin to get rid of those. Try hot hot water with sugar and honey. Try the Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser.
Neutogena face wash has worked for me so you can try it and see how it will work for you.

Good luck
honestly, everyone says not to, but i just squeeze mine and use a nose mask over it and they're gone and it feels refreshing
aghhh this just happened to me like my nose is covered at the top and the sooo noticeable

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