Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads n whiteheads?

how to get rid of blackheads easily?

i dun understand i had whiteheads in winters n now in summer,blackheads.plz suggest ways to get rid of them.Blackheads n whiteheads?
At Walmart they sell Clean and Clear blackhead clearing scrub. It actually works really really good. My blackheads AND whiteheads disappeared within a few days. It's the best thing I've used on blackheads and I've tried those strips but they don't work that well at all so don't waste your money on that stuff.Blackheads n whiteheads?
In most shops and supermarkets the sell clearasil blackhead / whiteheads things. they have a variety of different products so you can choose what you prefer but also was your face regularly at least twice a day that should help change your bed sheets once a week and you a faical steamer for 10-15 minutes a day. also try facemasks and no and then try savlon or germalin good luck on getting rid of them x
im a licensed esthetician

1) a clay mask would minimize the size of your pores temporally and remove impurities out of your skin to prevent future comedones.

2)microdermabrasion treatments will effectively minimize your pores and eliminates blackheads and whiteheads over the course of 7 treatments. (it does wonders )

3)a glycolic chemical peel or salicylic acid peel will help improve your skin texture, appearance, eliminate blackheads, whitheads and refine your pores as well.

4)at sephora there is a product called (dr.brand no more pores it's applied prior to your make up application it makes your pores and blackheads temporally disappear). it's magical

4)btw a chemical peel will help slough off 4-5 layers of dead skin tissue and speed up the cell turnover process.

5)go to a spa to receive all these Professional treatments.

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