Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads on my nose?

Help, i have black heads on my nose and its not THAT noticeable but im so self consious about them and like, i wear a tiny bit of cover up on them but like i hate wearing cover up because it says you age faster i was just woundering how can i get rid of them..but with no products just easy things.Blackheads on my nose?
You can try to eliminate some bad habits from your daily life and use a proper skin care routine for a better skin. You may read the solutions at the following site.Blackheads on my nose?
Try Pond's Pore Clearing Strips. You will see the blackheads come out.
I use the Biore strips and they work really well. Other than that you can use your finger nails and squeeze them but this is very painful on the nose. My wife likes to do this for me. I think she enjoys the pain it causes me.
i use clean%26amp;clear oxygenating facial scrub. use it and scrub your nose with the cleaning beads, and put on face moisturizer to keep your skin from being flaky. it worked for my blackheads.
pore cleaning strips

or apply lemon juice
us clinque
Put some toothepaste on them! It works great! And be sure to wash your face every night befor you go to bed with a good face cleanser.
work out alot..drink a lot of water...put a cold rag over where u have black heads

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