Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads on my nose. ? :|?

kay. is there any homemade like, strips you can make to get rid of them? because they are really annoying.

:pBlackheads on my nose. ? :|?
you can buy it at pharmacy, its not that expensive and also do a beauty regimen every night. It really helps.Blackheads on my nose. ? :|?
Apricot Blackhead Scrub (=
you can buy strips in the store...but really the best way is to just steam your face and then gently squeeze them out with tissue paper on the 2 fingers you use...and then use a toner to close your pores...ya if you have alot your not going to be able to get them all in one will probably take a few times doing it...but this is really the only way to get rid of them really good...I would do a combination of that and the nose strips...and they should be gone in a few weeks....
biore' nose strips works wonders!!!
just use a regular facial cleanser in the shower. be sure to always wipe your nose dry after it's wet. also it sometimes helps to scratch at it at the end of the shower to remove excess gunk.

I could finally find a solution for this problem,read this blog before taking any action

Thanks to this blog, it helped me a lot to find the best method.

Hope this helps
i have the same exact problem! i have black heads on my nose and there really noticeable. i use clearasil blackhead control gel stuff that comes in a squeeze bottle. it works if u use 2 times everyday.

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