Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting rid of blackheads...?

Is it possible to get rid of them? I use nose strips from Skinfood and Biore. They just come back after a week or two. What next? Help me?Getting rid of blackheads...?
Are you exfoliating within those 2 weeks that you are not using the strips?

Exfoliating could very well be your answer to your problem,

I am a make up artist for the products made by Merle Norman.

That have this cream mask called Miracal.

It is a mask that helps to remove black heads and you do it about once a week and you see differences in about 2 weeks.

If you use it once a week religiously, you will definitely see some change. I recommend doing that.

And if you don't want to use what I suggested,

atleast use a face wash that has the scrubber beads in it. That will help remove dry skin and the excess dirt and oil that is kept underneath dry skin which creates pimples, black heads and white heads.

Also, try squeezing a few, the dirt and oil comes out.

Hope I've helped.

If you don't have a Merle Norman studio near by, you can go to and check out all of there stuff.

I started using their products and I haven't went back to anything I used to use since.Getting rid of blackheads...?
Try St. Ives Scrub. If you use it regularly, it gets rid of them.
There is a little tool that has circles on both ends, that seems to work (kinda) at getting rid of them. Another idea is to keep using the strips, but also use a pore minimizing lotion, soap, etc.
Nose strips are good..after using a daily scrub though. The scrub would help keep them away day after day, after using the nose strips.
i pop them... and they dont come back.....
Popping Them Is Not A Good Idea!

ii Would Recommend You To Follow These Simple Steps;

I Find That Instead Of Using A Toner, Splashing Cold Water Onto The Face Closes The Pores And Is Less Harsh On Your Skin.

If You Should Apply A Toner, Apply It After Washing %26amp; Before Applying Creams Or And Moisturisers. Otherwise You'll End Up Wipping Off The Cream, Which Needs To Stay On The Skin.

Also, Gentle Cleansers Help To Cleanse The Face =]

And Do NOT Forget To Always Finish With An Appropriate Moisturiser Even If You Have Oily Skin. =]
after washing your face (morning and night) spray from a spray bottle cold water on your face. this will close up your pores before you put on your lotions and/or makeup. alcohol free astringents will give the same benefit.

always use oil free products and never sleep w/ your makeup on.

you can buy and ';extractor'; to remove deeper/larger pores that are clogged.

good luck
Use clean %26amp; clear black head remover, it helps a lot my mom's botfriend has lots of blackheads but he uses clean %26amp; clear and they re gone. He doesnt use as much as he used to bcoz the black heads arent that many anymo.

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