Thursday, December 17, 2009

Help me on this best 10p!! How to get rid of pimple,scars, acne, large pores, blackhead and oily face?!!!?

Please I need to know on this. I need to smaller my large pores, my too oily face, acne and pimple also scars and blackhead. Are there any natural substances that can cure this or any best facial products that I can get from pharmacy? Please, help me.Help me on this best 10p!! How to get rid of pimple,scars, acne, large pores, blackhead and oily face?!!!?
I had the exact same problem, i was washing my face every night and would constantly be changing from product to product.

i even went to my doctor and she prescribed a cream for my face and it still didn'tt work.

as for the oily part goes, you can pick up blotting pads at a drug store which really help, you would be amazed to see how much oil is really on your face.

as for the acne, mines gone now, and all i have been doing is washing it once a week with a very mild cleanser and every night i put cocoa butter on my face, its very rich and is great for your skin. i think that from my experience acne gets worse the more you wash.

for the scars, try pressing some garlic and applying it once a week to just the sacred areas. i cant really help with the large pores, but just try keeping simple one week, and try not using a lot of makeup to clog your pores. (maybe over Christmas break?)

Help me on this best 10p!! How to get rid of pimple,scars, acne, large pores, blackhead and oily face?!!!?
Try to stay away from fatty foods. Eating correctly is very important in terms of keeping acne away ( and your health in general). Also are you stressed in your life? People breakout often when they have alot of stress, like finals week. Acne is pretty much a bacterial infection on overdrive. Your blood rushes to the site of infection causing a protuding bump, hence the pimple.

If you want OTC medicine, you can do a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide 10% or there is also a face wash from Clean and Clear with BP 10%. Make sure you wear sunscreen over it, because it does dry out your skin. If you're a young person, its probably puberty, so get over it, its natural. I had this problem up until i was 21, I changed my diet and used face wash, I've controlled it well since then.
Go to your dermatologist! I started getting acne on my forehead around 12 also. by the time i was 14, it was everywhere on my face, and starting on my back. I went to the dermatologist a little after I turned 14, after trying clean and clear, Clearasil, PROACTIVE (didn't work, when i stopped using it, i completely broke out horribly), and a few other commonly known products. The dermatologist prescribed me Acutane, which is THE BEST acne solution ever!!! It completely eliminates everybody's acne. My derm. gives this to almost everybody with acne, and it take 5-7 months to cure your acne.

You will be glad if you go to the derm. They specialize in skin and give you one on one attention unlike products that you buy over the counter. go. go. go. it will save you time, money, and stress over your acne. i wish i would have gone sooner.
If you don't want to use harsh chemicals on your face, try using Cetaphil. I had this problem also. I tried everythinggg. Proactiv worked for a little while, then it just dried out parts of my face and made other parts oily. Cetaphil works great - my face didnt feel dried out or oily. It felt clean - after a week - my pores are visibly smaller, pimples are gone, and the scars dissapear
go to a dermatologist regularly.

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