Monday, December 14, 2009

Help with blackheads only 14?

Hi i have quite a few black heads in my chin and nose and i have tried nose strips picking them out? just wondering if you know what would be the best thing to use?

ThanksHelp with blackheads only 14?
A really good way to clean your pores is to steam your face and then wash it. To remove blackheads I suggest OXY pads which I use myself. Make sure to be careful with them and be sure to keep them away from your eyes.Help with blackheads only 14?
im 14 too[:

you cld washe your face twice a day.

ive used the nose strips too O_o

ive been wanting to get a facial,heard those work wonders :P

Neutrogena %26amp; other brands sell face washes tht eliminate black heads too.

you just hav eto test each one,until you find the right one tht works for you,i personally like the face washes[:
While many people would suggest medicated wipes or ointments, I would strongly suggest that you gently wash your face with witch hazel (you can put it on a cotton ball and wipe). Continue to wash your face daily with a non abrasive soap but witch hazel is an astringent that will get deep into the pores and clean them. If the problem continues, seek help from a dermatologist.
Nose strips are good as long as you use them every week.

Make sure you use a facial wash that deals with blackheads too and use very cold water after every time you wash your face to close the pores and stop any muck getting in to form the blackheads.
I don't know any products but i do not have any spots or anything because i Just don't think about it. i am a stress free girl, that way i don't get spots. good luck!
Long distance mirror!

Sorry couldn't resist. But seriously I heard vinegar in good for spots, including blackheads. Use cotton wool and dab some on them before you go to bed each night.

Good luck
It's called clearasil. :)
Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser. It works wonders

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