Monday, December 14, 2009

I do you get rid of acne, blackhead, dilated pores?

I am 24 and I still have spots and all that I have an horrible skin I can't even wear any tops that show my back or my shoulders as it is there is well. I am very complexed about it and I never go out without make up not even to the corner shop. I don't have so much spot on my face is more black head and big big big pores.

Thank you very much for your help.I do you get rid of acne, blackhead, dilated pores?
I would suggest you take a hormone balancing herb like agnus castus, along with some general suppliments like b vitamins, zinc, iron and magnesium and have plenty of vitc in your diet too. Stay away from certain seafood like prawns and other shellfish as they contain iodine which can affect the skin and dilate pores. I think you have a hormone imbalance, and the stress of having bad skin can make you feel even worse, as hormone imbalances can make you irritable anyway. I would also recommend trying not to over scrub your skin even though tempting, and just have an exfoliating session once a week then apply a good non clogging light moisturiser.Over scrubbing can actually dry your skin and although it seems really oily its actually a red herring as its over producing oil because it is dry. I hope ive help a bit anyway.xxxI do you get rid of acne, blackhead, dilated pores?
I had exactly the same problem and felt the same as you, but I went to the doctor and he prescribed the contraceptive pill called Dianette and I also use Clinique 3 step skin program thingy. In addition I exfoliate twice a week. It took about a year but now I get compliments on what lovely skin I have and it's hard for me to believe since my skin was so terrible before. The Clinique stuff is expensive, but it is so worth it, but I think the pill was the key
I would go to the doctor %26amp; ask to be refered to a specalist.Good Luck
Go to a dermatologist. They might put you on accutane which is a really intense acne med, but it's like a miracle drug.
Clearasil do a black head remover and all over body wash which are fantastic. Clinique do a pore minimiser range which is also fantastic! Try a combination of these and you'll be spot free! Good luck!
Look into getting on birth control pills. Not only do they make the periods regular, they help control cramps and diminish acne.

I also recommend the ';buff puff'; to exfoliate the skin, 10% benzoil peroxide cream, and a moisturizer or cleanser with salycylic (sp?) acid.

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Find a homeopath and ask him if he can treat you with peelings on yoiur skin
i use proactiv and it works
I had similar problems, tried every skin lotion and potion there is, but got a total cure in 8 weeks when I changed my diet, cutting out dairy, yeast, pork and alcohol. Try it, supervised by a nutritionist, what have you got to lose?

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