Monday, December 14, 2009

I have little hairs on my nose, are they blackheads? should i pluck them out?

yes, and use a concentrated clenserI have little hairs on my nose, are they blackheads? should i pluck them out?
no just leave them aloneI have little hairs on my nose, are they blackheads? should i pluck them out?
Blackheads are not hairs. They will be flush with your skin. Do this: put one index finger (wash hands first) on each side of your nose, and SQUEEZE. If there are blackheads and clogged pores, you will see them coming out of your skin. Tiny hairs on your nose is normal. We are mammals.
wax it
On your nose? As in on the outside? They're not blackheads. Blackheads are like tiny spots below the surface of the skin. If the hairs aren't too noticeable I'd advise you to leave them alone; what grows usually likes to stay and is there for a reason. If you really can't stand them, make sure it's safe before you pluck or do whatever to get rid of them.
hairs are not blackheads. i have little hairs on my nose too. if they get out of control i pluck them.
no thy r not black heads, if u pluck them thy will grow back.
Humans all range from nearly hairless looking, to hairy as heck and everywhere in between. Hairs on the top side of your nose are normal. If they are dark you can wax, pluck, or bleach. If they are fine blonde hairs most people leave them alone. They will grow back quick as heck anyway, and when you wax or pluck you run the (rather high) chance of one of those hairs turning into an ingrown hair when it grows back. This leads to a puss sack (infection or more commonly known as the dreaded zit) which is more noticeable or distracting than the fine little hair to begin with.

So I say unless it's noticeable from a few feet away, leave it alone. How many people get right in your face anyway and people usually use magnified mirrors to look at their own faces. We all look horrible in those things! LoL
Blackheads just look like little black dots. Try plucking and if your not into that try a hair removal cream that can be used on the face.... Good luck
Hairs on your nose are not black heads they are hairs. You should pluck them out. Absolutely! It's totally distracting to be talking to someone and they have hair growing out of their nose. Pluck them one at a time. But please remove them.
Try Biore Pore Perfect Strips. Those things will pull out anything! Careful, if they dry for too long, it hurts to take them off. By moistening them a bit you can pull them off easy with no pain after drying.
well wait a few days to actually see what they are but when those few days are over you pluck them babys out! all they want is to make oil on your face and make that face bumpy...wash your face daily and pluck them out!

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shelby ray
blackheads aren't hairs, so I would say may wanna go to the dermatologist for that problem
Well if there hairs then there hairs just pluck them out. If there blackheads then there like little black spots on your nose. For the blackheads go and get a facial.

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