Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pores, blackheads??? can it ever be clear???


so my problem is that is that I have either pores or blackheads also bumps and I am sick of the way it looks!! yucky!!! and help please???

get rid of allPores, blackheads??? can it ever be clear???
Yes it can use a few drops of pure tea tree oil in wam water and i use cotto pads and wash your face like this its wonderful i swear by my tea tree ive used it for 10 years now and it kept my face wonderfull ive reccomended it to lots of people and they agree with me too doodluck ! and takecare goodquestionPores, blackheads??? can it ever be clear???
i get them too on my nose and my chin. i use the Biore pore perfect strips. they come about 16 in a box, i buy the ones that have 8 nose strips and 8 chin strips all in one box. its about 7 bucks for a box. just make sure you wash ur face w/ soap before u put them on. wash face,dab nose with a cotton ball with water, put strip on, wait about 5 min for it to become dry and stiff, pill off slowly one hand on each side at the same side.i love them strips
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Hi honey, Exfoliate to remove the build up of dead skin cells and then the blackheads will ease out and the bumps will disappear.

My daughter tried everything to remove the blackheads on her nose, even those nose strips but nothing worked well enough.

I recommend a facial or a peel about 2 - 4 weeks to keep removing the dead skin cells to reveal fresh, plump skin and release those blackheads and refine the pores.

Find a beauty therapist and treat yourself to a peel.

Good luck x
hey, so go to this site


take the survey nd they'll tell youwhich of their products will would work on your face

just click the 'go' button under facial skincare(:

it worked for me :D
If you want you may try some home remedies for blackheads and large pores here:



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