Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spots and blackheads ... home remedy question?

i read somewhere that putting potato on spots and black heads can clear it up.

is it true?

what do i have to do with it if it does actually work?

just cut a little bit off and rub it on my spots+blackheads or mash it up and rub it on?

if it doesn't work, whats a simple home remedy to get rid of blackheads? i need some serious help, i'm getting really self conscious :/

10 points for the most helpful answer... thanks :) xxSpots and blackheads ... home remedy question?
The best remedy I know for pimples and black heads, home or commercial, is white resin glue. Just regular old white liquid glue, like Elmer's or anything similar. The first thing to do is put vaseline or oil on your eyebrows, because if you glue them you will lose them. Then rub on the glue, just like any other make up mask product. When the glue is dry it will be clear, peel it off. This is when you become convinced that this works, all that nasty looking stuff came out of your face. Do this everyday for about two weeks then again as necessary. It sounds bizarre but it really does work and better than any other product I know of, and it's cheap, so cheap that people won't take it seriously. Yet it is far and away the best stuff out there. Try it all you can lose is your eyebrows, but not if you oil them.Spots and blackheads ... home remedy question?
i no that its not a home remedie butt

for your blak heds make sure you thourully clean ur face and u cud use a facial scrub or somthing,

for my spots i use witch stick, its very good and my spots go in a cuopke of days.

or use aan any bacterial face wash
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Who told you this?
Not heard of the spud thing, but Tea Tree Oil is very good for clearing up acne.
No. Don't use potato's. Blackheads and pimples are from dirt and oil in the pores of your skin. Try this. Use warm/hot water on compresses on your fave for a few minutes. This will open the pores. Now use a wash cloth or facial brush (really good) with a cleanser to clean your face. Don't rub too hard. That will only stimulate the oil glands. Clean it thoroughly but gently. Rinse really well with warm water. Get rid of any trace of cleanser. Now use really cold water with the washcloth on your face. This will close the pores to keep dirt from getting in. Clean your face like this 3x a day. Don't touch your face during the day. The dirt and oil on your hands aggravates any skin condition. Joseph's comments get a thumbs up.
Potatoes are for eating only. not for blackheads. For good skin tone, Keep oily products off your skin. Especially products that you use on your hair and can get on your face. Wash alot and rinse well. And try to use non-perfumed soap. Stay away from sugar. That's the home remedy that works.

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