Monday, December 14, 2009

What acne and blackhead creme works best for you?

I also have the biore nose strips and my nose hasd broken out and I follow the directions but they nothing. I also have biore warming anti blackhead cremeWhat acne and blackhead creme works best for you?
In my opinion, Noxzema works the best b/c it's gentle yet helpful. Besides using that, I for one like St.Ives apricot scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. If this doesn't work, try ProActiv, though it might be harsh on sensitive skin. Best of Luck.What acne and blackhead creme works best for you?
I've tried almost everything and nothing worked as well as i had hoped. I went to my doctor and got a prescription and now my skin is amazing.
I use the biore strips and they work. When I dont use that, I use the Blemish wipes, and use clean and clear oil free acne wash. Make sure you really get the spots that have the black heads. And use the strips once or twice a week. And maybe buy the biore face strips.
Clean and Clear
St. Ives apricot blemish control works really good and feels great on your skin, Tea tree oil works nicely, Olay facial moisturizer (for oily, combination skin) and Oxy clean face wipes all work well
use Clearasil.
ProActiv!! Its expensive but works miracles!
I use Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel - and it works! or
Neutrogena oil-free facial wash, oil-free mosturiser and daily scrub. these 3 remove acne, acne-marks and blackheads and prevent future breakouts of acne and blackheads
I use a facewash that has microbeads in it to exfoliate the skin and then use an astringent afterwards. I also have a prescription gel called BenzaClin which works pretty good

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