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Best way to cure blackheads?

I have blackheads all over my nose and cheeks (close to my nose)...i don't want to squeeze them because that makes the pores larger. people without blackheads: what do you guys do??

thanks :)Best way to cure blackheads?
you are right. do NOT squeeze them. it enlarges the pore, and will damage the top layer of skin, making it peel. DO NOT use a blackhead extractor tool.. its the same thing!! it can damage your skin if not used by a professional

you should steam your pores open, wet a washcloth with the hottest water you can stand, and place it over your face. place a thick towel over-top to trap in the steam. after about a minute, use an exfoliating scrub, like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, and rub gently in an upwards, circular motion. rinse with warm water, and once the soap has gone, turn the water to cold, and splash it on your face to seal the pores back up.

using a cotton ball or pad, swipe your face and neck with an alcohol-free toner. do this every night and clean with a regular cleanser in the morning so as not to over do it.

keep your hands off your face! if you notice this is not helping as much as you like, visit a dermatologist, they may recommend a light procedure to help you ';start from scratch';Best way to cure blackheads?
After washing your face, the pH balance of your skin gets out of whack and toner can balance it right away. A good one is Nivea Alcohol Free Moisturizing Toner. If you are more into natural products, Witch Hazel or Rosewater are good to use. Report Abuse

People without blackheads have no problem with 'em.
Get a good skin exfoliant and a toner for the skin that will help control the build-up of oil that causes blackheads. I recommend Biogime's system, but it is expensive......has 5 different products that work together.....but leaves your skin gorgeous. Runs around $100.00 for the kit.

If you cannot afford that, try some of the over the counter products that claim to control oily skin.
Try spackle
squeeze em?
Firstly, you can't 'cure' them, they aren't an infection or disease. They're a clogged pore, the only way to change it is to clear the pore.
try steaming your face

then gently squeezing them out

this won't cause your pores to get bigger鈥?/a>
You have to wash your face gently but more often with a mild soap and warm water to clean out the blugged pores. After each warm wash, splash cold water on your face to close the cleaned pores.
wash you face w/ warm water before you sleep,..every night,..
Get a facial

Your esthetician will squeeze them for you correctly, then she can show you how


EXFOLIATING helps the pores get clean - only use an exfoliator for facial skin there is a good one that is organic at

Then tone on a daily basis with half distilled water mixed with half witch hazel - you will notice a difference within a week
i dont think you can cure them

but I higgggghhhly reccomend BIORE pore strips work great!! they have ones that you can use on your face and ones you can use on your nose also. all you have to do is wet your face and put them one %26amp;feel them off when its dry. its 8 dollars or so for 16 strips!!
A clensing cream and moursture cream i for got what it is called but my grandmonther got it for me! and it works
i have them too nd i get mine to go away by just using blackhead cream. like clearasil. or any other brand that says blackhead remover
Pop it!
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I had same thing to me.Use a lufa sponge and use the band add like strips for your nose.and try not to touch your nose as much or wash hands more because its dirt from your hands that make it like that.Good luck
use cream
pop them then u cant see them
dilute apple cider vinegar with water and use as a toner at night before you go to sleep.
go to you doctor, if you dont like that idear

go to you chemist and ask for a face was for black heads
Use a scrub i like St. Ives. Its gentle and helps remove black heads and oil and dirt. You can also buy special tools to remove black heads. I got one from Avon for like 5 bucks and i know they sell them at the drugstore for cheap.
Sleep on a They naturally clean your face while you sleep. Think about it. Have you ever try drying of with a pillow case? It doesn't work, it smears the water. Your pillow case rubes the oils in your skin in to your face, clogging your pours. Plush pillow cases puts more oxygen on your face.(Oxy10, Oxyclean) Plus it's cheaper. Sweet
benzamycin from your doctor
squeeze them out!!! they won`t disappear on there own. you need to remove the dirt and oil.

exfoliate once or twice a week, use a toner (shrinks, and tightens pores) everyday after you cleanse your face. then moisturize!!!!

or try biore blackhead strips.鈥?/a>
Buy something at the store.
i just wash my face with hot water to open your pores and then use clean and clear blackhead astringent stuff on a cotton ball it kinda stings a tiny bit but leave it on and rub and ice cube over your face sounds odd but it works
Wash your face with hot water, use BIORE' strips. They work great. the hot water opens your pours and the strips pull the yuck out.

Good luck

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