Monday, December 14, 2009

Should I squeeze my blackheads?

Its a bad habit.. I usually always touch my face to see how smooth it is but then I feel something small and hard.. Blackheads all on my cheeks and my nose.. Its not a pimple because its not big and red. I usually look in the mirror before I take a shower and start squeezing it out from my face.. Its like really small and hard.. I call it little boogers.. anyways If i keep squeezing it will it cause lil tiny holes in my face? is it bad? Ive use the face scrubs but it just leaves my face red and the black heads just come backShould I squeeze my blackheads?
Hot facial steam opens your pores a little. This allows the blackheads to come out without too much effort. It never caused me any scars. If the blackheads still don't come out, leave it alone. You shouldn't have to squeeze or force it out.Should I squeeze my blackheads?
It's never really a good idea. Squeezing can cause some of the stuff to infiltrate under your skin, spreading the involved area.
First of all, touching your face in general causes pimples, white heads and black heads because of the oil on your fingers. Squeezing blackheads is not a good idea because it can leave a scar, a pit mark (a tiny hole) and also cause them to spread.
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You need to use a scrub like apricot scrub and go the blackheads off.That is gross to squeeze blackheads.

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