Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads and dry skin : (?

I have r dry, flaky skin on my nose and forehead, but i also have blackheads there too.Dont blackheads usualy come from oily skin? I drink plenty of water, exercise, eat a healthy diet, and have a regular wash routine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what should i do to get rid of the blackheads as well as the dry skin?Blackheads and dry skin : (?
Here's something inexpensive you can try that might help both:

Heat a pan of water to boiling on your stovetop. Set pan in your bathroom sink (if it can handle the heat) and put a towel over your head and the pan, trapping in the steam.

Allow the steam to vent a little, it gets hot fast.

When the steams gone, gently exfoliate, cleanse, and apply lotion.

Good luck.

(p.s. Sleep with a humidifier in your room. It helps a ton!)Blackheads and dry skin : (?
the blackheads come from clogged pores and the dirt makes them look black. u need to be putting a moisturizer on ur face. might need to change what your using to wash ur face. bath and body works has good stuff u can get. neem works really well. for blackheads etc. i would check the web site out since theres so much to pick from then when u find something good for you go to the store. or just order it on line.
I've recently read on this website to get the black head strips from walgreens or cvs and they work pretty well. also get some kind of face cream for moisturizing. especially for the face though becaues then the vitamins and stuff will be just for that...
There are lots of moisturizers out there that have contain tea tree oil. It is by far the best for black heads. Also... use all natural products. Another reason why this could be happening is because you are eating healthy, and all of the toxins in your body are being released. This is a good thing. Sometimes you just need to let your body do its thing. This has happened to me... and if it wasnt for tea tree oil I would be an unhappy gal!

Go to any health foods store... make sure its all natural, organic is even better
its from not cleaning your skin sufficiently, when you bathe you need to loosen all the dead skin cells and oils with a loofah, wash cloth etc. find a soap that moisturizes for the dry skin and if that doesn't work see a dermatologist
The blackheads are a losing battle honey. I've been fighting mine for ten years. I've tried everything from Avon to Principal's Secret, and everything in between. As for the dry skin, perhaps a moisturizer at night? Of all the moisturizers I've tried, I like the one from the Victoria Principal skin line the best. Good luck.
Try Celladerm Acne Treatment Solution. It has salicylic acid, which is known for fighting acne, and it leaves your skin with a nice clean healthy glow!
there are lotions and treatments made specifically for ur skin type im guessing u have a combinated skin type, dry/oily depends which parts of ur face get more oily usually the forehead but trust me theres treatment

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