Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads on my nose hate them?

have blackheads on my nose and when i squeeze little white tubes come out but does not clear them can anyone help me is so annoyingBlackheads on my nose hate them?
First of all,you could just use a strip that you apply on the affected area and you strip those blackheads off.You could also opt for a gentle cleanser such as Neutrogena,Dove or Clean %26amp; Clear to gently cleanse your face to prevent those blackheads to multiply.However,you could also opt for these homemade remedies that works best at getting rid of blackheads.Believe me,it work wonders on my skin,really:-)

Paste of Yogurt and banana-Mix one or two bananas in almost 200ml yogurt and mash it until it begins to look like a paste.After washing face apply this paste before sleeping, after one or two weeks not only you but other will also feel a difference in your skin.This paste has a magical effect not only in removing blackheads but also gives a glowing touch to your skin.

Paste of turmeric and rose petals-This paste is also very useful in treating blackheads however it is somewhat difficult to prepare that paste and one needs fresh rose petals and pure turmeric to prepare this paste. However it proves very useful in treating blackheads, acne and pimples.

Paste of Ayurveda and fenugreek鈥檚 leaves-Another paste that proves very helpful in this connection is the paste of Ayurveda and fenugreek鈥檚 leaves if this paste is applied about 10 to 15 minutes on blackheads and wrinkles as well, it can be helpful to prevent both blackhead and wrinkles.

Rose water and lemon juice-Take some rose water and mix it equal amount of lemon juice apply this mixture on face for almost half an hour then wash your face and continue this treatment for almost 15 days and I promise you your skin will be as smooth as baby鈥檚 bottom.

Fresh mint juice-A proven remedy for blackheads, eczema and scabies is to rub fresh mint juice over it and it can be very helpful to get rid of these curses.

Well,these are those 5 remedies that I've tried before and it does improve my skin in two weeks.I know there's lots of them,so just pick any steps that suits you okay.Good luck trying these at home at great skincare wishes.:-)Blackheads on my nose hate them?
i have the same problem.I use exfoliator which i find gets rid of them.Also certain face masks help,i've got a neutrogena face mask which can also be used as a facial wash which is specifically for blackheads.Try not to squeeze them as this will make them worse-the bacteria from the blackhead will spread around your nose causing you to get more of them.If it gets really bad go to a chemist as they might help you find a stronger treatment.Good luck and i hope they go away soon.
I used to drastically get rid of them , by using a brand new needle after popping them and going around the area to get anything still left under my skin.

You don't have to use a needle , just something thin enough to make sure all the puss is gone!

Any puss that's still left under the skin will form a new whitehead or blackhead.
here's a herbal cure for this problem. keep a half tomato in the freezer for about one hour. then rub the cut side of the frozen tomato for 15 minutes on your nose.but wait!! no so will take atleast a month for your blackheads to remove after u start this cure. so have patience dear...
Black heads shouldn't have any puss. It's blocked pores.

Take a clean, hot compress


Gently push your nose upwards.

Wash with a pure face wash

Toner (witch hazel) will help balance pores and keep future black heads away.
omg! I hate those too! I always use make up to cover it up, but in your case try using biore pore strips. They really do work, but are a bit pricey.

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