Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blackheads? Please Help. My son has horrible Blackheads.?

My son is 13 and looks like he has freckles, but it is actually blackheads.

I have googled ways to help.

Do any of you know what we can do to help him?


StaceBlackheads? Please Help. My son has horrible Blackheads.?
Ok so if you want to do it at home heres what to do:

tell him to...

1.wash face

2.put face under steamer for 10 minutes

3.put face under magnifying mirror/glass

4. take two q-tips

5. gently, slowly squeeze the bigggg blackheads until stuff comes out..

6.put some kind of acne mask or something on.

another thing you can do is buy a blackhead extractor and follow these steps but use that instead of q-tips.

they work better.

if that doesnt work, or you just want better results go to a derm. and they will give you a medication to get rid and prevent them. something like retin-ABlackheads? Please Help. My son has horrible Blackheads.?
Pop em, and it does hurt! and get him to crub his face often! Its the oil from the skin.
ok so theres 100 of those things first pop i no it hurts second keep him on oxy or hat evr third wsh face reaglarly then wash hands after he eats
if they are that bad you need to take him to a dermotologist.

but try this first:

tell him to hold his head over a basin of hot water for 3 minuites. then take a rag drenched with 1 part pine apple juice and 1 part lemon juice. keep it on for 1 min. rince it off with warm water, ( at this point you can try to pop a few)

when you are all done.. close his pores by rubbing an ice cube on his face for 30 seconds.
Soapy wash cloth in the shower.

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