Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads...getting rid of them..?

how can i get rid of blackheads...?? and by the way how can i keep blush on?

i put some on before i leave to school...and by first period am back to PALE white =[ can i make my blush stay on longer?Blackheads...getting rid of them..?
you can't really get rid of them for good, at least not from what I've heard. you could always ask your doctor to be referred to a derm if you are that unhappy with your skin. Or just use a facial scrub a few times a week. And clay masks help too. It could be the makeup as well if your wear foundation.

And with blush, if you wear foundation I've heard that waiting 15 minutes will help it look better (ie wait 15 minutes after you've finished your foundation then apply it). Or you could try a creme/liquid blush. There is one by Tarte called Cheek Stain i think, but I have never tried anything other than powder blushes. I have a natural blush (which I hate tbh) so I don't have that much issues with it. Try setting the blush with loose translucent powder.Blackheads...getting rid of them..?
Go to a salon/spa and have a facial done by an esthetician. She will remove the blackheads and your face will look fabulous after she's done. You will have to do some upkeep to keep your skin looking clear. As far as blush, use one with high quality pigments - it will last longer - such as a mineral powder blush.
have one your parents brother uncle cousin do it for you...those kinda hurt!!
I recommend biore pore strips

they are AHMAZINGGG!!!

they get them out soo well!!

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