Thursday, December 17, 2009

BlackHeads?Pimples?What next?!?

I used so many products but they wont go away.I used Facial Soap for blackheads and pimples,I used Boire strips,Facial Alcahol pads,and im using now April bath %26amp; shower Facial Scrub.Whats wrong?They wont go away.BlackHeads?Pimples?What next?!?
the ones on your nose: i know it sounds gross but you gotta squeeze those suckers out. wash your face with hot to open your pores, and then squeeze out the icky stuff with nice clean fingers. after you squeeze out as many as you can, scrub your nose with astringent on a cotton pad to make sure your freshly emptied pores are nice and clean. do this before bed so you can be sure not to get them dirty or sweaty again for a few hours.

also, biore strips work really well on some people, too (ive found that they work better on men).BlackHeads?Pimples?What next?!?
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Oh, for your skin care just use eat some C-Vitamine
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Don't wear makeup for a while..Treat it everyday. It will go away hun. Trust me give it time. Who know's they might be all gonw when you wake up tomorrow. It's happend before.

Best of luck -Ash
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