Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to get rid of blackheads?

1) NOSE-STRIPS such as Biore

These look like paper. Just put them on a place where there are blackheads, wet, set it to dry, and peel off.

2) You can use DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL SCRUBto get any dirt or oil out.

After doing this, you can use TONER. This will help clean and shrink your pores from getting anymore dirt/ oil in them

3 You can also take a steamy shower for your pores to open up. Then, wipe with a cotten pad to take out the black head. Sometimes, I'll use a tissue/ q-tip and carefully squeeze. Do not use nails though.

You can also use the methods mentioned in my source.How to get rid of blackheads?
dermatologist. Nothing over the counter is effective enough. Biore strips cause scarring, my derm told me. He said by using biore strips they are pulling out the blackheads and will leave holes. He also informed me by even touching them they will scar your face. The only way to get rid of them is seeing a dermatologist. He told me not to put anything on my face except the meds he gives me. They also make you take pills for acne or blackheads.

you need a professional! Blackheads and acne causes scars. Over the counter stuff can scar your face. If you wont see a dermatologist, just leave your face alone..Popping a blackhead will cause a dent in your face which can be seen far away under a light. Touching it will increase the infection. Your fingers are filled with bacteria.

use mild soap to wash and wash gentle

I reccommend clinique soap.How to get rid of blackheads?
this will sound weird but my dermatologist said to ice my face and it worked. you just get an ice cube wet and rub it around your face. also using egg whites will do the job as well
Hot packs of steaming faceclothes. And a good daily cleansing regimen.
I have black heads and i use Biore cream - works well!

Biore is the best even celebs wear it, its also on magazines, i use it
You can go to a doctor and find whats right for your skin. Also use face scrubs.
wash your face
Rub oatmeal paste on face,leave it to dry for 15 minutes and scrub well before washing off with cold water. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
Well i have this face wash its called St. Ives apricot scrub and the type is blemish and blackhead remover like 3 washes they are gone
get cleanser specifically for blackheads.
Clean and Clear blackhead eraser or those Biore strips
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what's so wrong with them ?

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