Thursday, December 17, 2009

Something to get rid of blackheads.?

ok so i need something to get rid on my blackheads.

i have then on my nose next to my nose. and i want then GONE!

i use Nutrageona acne wash but it doesnt work! i dont want to spend over 10 dollars.

Something to get rid of blackheads.?
Here's some tricks:

-Use a light exfoliator on your face two or three times a week. It not only gets rid of blackheads, but it also prevents them.

-Take a warm washcloth and hold it on your face. Leave it on until the blackhead has moved to the surface. This ensures you won't scar your face!

-Before trying blackhead pore strips, remove any dead skin cells by putting a piece of tape on the top layer of your nose. The strips will remove double the amount of blackheads than they would have before.Something to get rid of blackheads.?
go get your eyebrows waxed and if your cosmetologist is anything like mine, she'll take care of them by popping them.

I use Clearasil deep pore cleaning pads, followed up by benzoyl peroxide, at night. Then in the morning I use benzoyl peroxide again.

I just buy the least expensive product that contains benzoyl peroxide.

When my pimples get out of hand I use the Zap That Zit Program, which I found at ; http://www.acnetreatmentscamsrevealed.co鈥?/a> there are also great articles there also.

Another great site for articles is:鈥?/a>

Good luck!


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