Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Clear skin, blackheads and spots HELP!!!?

Im having really bad problems at the moment. I have loads of blackheads on my nose and keep getting loads of spots please help me!!!Clear skin, blackheads and spots HELP!!!?
This works for me, but I'm not recommending you do it for health reasons...

Dettol undiluted. It recommends not to do it on the bottle and my chemistry lecturer nearly fainted when I told her. Follow this by toothpaste and then a good, quality moisturiser such as Vaseline intensive care. Works everytime though I probably have some weird diseease now - well, only young once!Clear skin, blackheads and spots HELP!!!?
i had the same problem untill i went to clinique they ask you a bunch of questions and from the answers they find the best products for your skin range use twice daily and you notice great results within a week!
well you cannot beat tea trea oil dabbed on spots relly good anti bacterial action also superdrug do a full range of tea tree cleansers toners etc for the black heads get a black head extractor from the body shop and steam your face they will come out easy then swill with cold water and add the tea tree after xthis may be a change in your hormones and your sebum in your skin finding its happy medium it shouldnt last too long x good luck
Hello, first what type of skin do you have, we don't know still you, said at the moment, so we shall go from there.

You can buy nose strips from places like super drug, which you place across the bridge of your nose, when you pull it off, it brings all the black head. Do not squeeze your spots. Use tea tree gel priced approx 1.75 last for ever, very good on these problems. Drink water, and fresh veg for long term good skin
what are you using to clean your skin at the moment?

If you where make up it can effect your skin. If you have oily skin the you should try and use a face cleanser which takes oil out of your skin, it is also good if you have sensitive skin.Try clean and clear it is a small to medium bottle it has a blue liquid inside the bottle.
i had this problem for years. especially around my nose and nothing i tried got rid of them!! However i went to the clarins counter in boots and asked them some advice on what products i should be using on my skin and they gave me some really good advice and since using their products my face is spot free!!

Even if you dont want to pay the prices they charge it would definatley be worth visitng a clarins or clinique counter (or something similar) even if it is just to get their advice. You can always take their advice away with you and find the same kinds of products in a cheaper range!

Also drink lots of water (it really does help!)
I use St. Ives apricot scrub. there's a special kind just 4 blackheads.
cleanse and tone your face twice daily. use face masks that are suitable to your skin type once a month. keep skin moisturised with the correct moisturiser for you skin. steaming is another option and this will enable you to gently remove black heads too. remember to splash face with cold water to close pores...

if all else fails seek advice from a beauty salon (local ones may have really good offers on)...
different things work for different people, some people use tea tree oil and witch hazel but these dont work for me, neither do products like clearasil.

I use Garnier exfoliant every couple of days and in between just wash my face with hot water and dove moisturising soap.

I suggest you try a few different things and see which works for you!!
yep, tea tree oil or try steaming ur face then finish with cold cold water to close ur pores up.
tea tree oil and witch hazel
best thing to do is do not scratch or pick them they get worse and poping them wont help either so also not being offencive but if you wash your face everyday regulary you should not get them. that help???
Find herbal homemade remedies for blackheads/Dark circles, Pimples, Freckles,

Suntan, etc...- ingredients from your kitchen cabinet --


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