Monday, December 14, 2009

Facials for blackheads?

i dont know, maybe this is a stupid question, but i heard somewhere that if you go to a spa and get a facial then it gets rid of your blackheads.. is this true? if so, how much does a facial like that range in cost?Facials for blackheads?
here are some things that i did and they are very affordable! mix baking soda and witch hazel/or water together until it comes to a good constancy, and then spread on your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. these two things are very inexpenisve and it's very easy to do since there is only two ingerdients. toothpaste is good also (for some people). put only a little bit before you good to sleep. some people use this as a mask but don't do it! it can change your skin tone and make your face discolored. aloe vera helps scars lighten and less noticable. use the gel or the real thing. try to buy a cleanser that works for you, and when you wash your face, open your pores with hot water (not to hot, or it will dry out your skin) and massage it gently into your skin. the use cold water at the end to close you pores. the smaller your pores are, the less likely you're prone to pimples. an egg yoke is good also. i used this when i had pimples. just take the egg yoke (the yellow part) and leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water and then splash your face with cold water. keep your hair out of your face because the oils in your hair could go into your pores. change you sheets because they're are trapped with dirt, oils, etc. zinc (type of vitamin) is the one of the best things you can use to get rid of pimples. you can buy these almost about any large store (such as walmart or shaws.) have one tablet per day and try to cut down the junk food and replace it with vegetables and fruits. clearasil, neutrogena, and proactive are good choices to start. don't use body soaps because they dry out your skin. don't scrub too hard either, because it can irritate your skin. tea tree oil helps alot, and it can help scars heal faster.Facials for blackheads?

I actually found a facial oil that slows down your skins oil production, clears up pimples/ acne and dissolves black heads within 4-8 weeks I put all the info on my blog as it's quite detailed:

I also put a full article of how to extract blackheads and steam your skin.

Black heads are basically a hardened oil mixture that was secreted from your pores and oxidized (which makes the outside part black) and since water and oil don't mix, no water based product can ';clean'; your blackheads away, just try say putting certain foundations or makeups on the mirror and if you wipe it with water it smudges all over but put a little baby oil and wipe and tada! it comes off super clean AND dissolves it. So this is basically how this oil works. It's composition is such that the skin accepts it as a healing oil and it does not clog your skin but rather protects it while the plant extracts inside go down into the pores (this absorption is made possible by applying the toner to the skin before applying the oil and then applying the dabs of oil over your moistened face), it then penetrates into the pores.

I put where to the name of the oil and prices in stores versus on eBay as well as how to apply it on my blog:

Also be sure to check out all the links on my blog as they have lots of info!!!

For acne you may want to Google Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu.

Take care and good luck!

i guess it would still depends on your type of skin, well, you can always go to 88db website and look for facial services and products thats within your budget
Yes it is true that if you go to a salon and get a facial it will remove black heads as well as many other stubborn spots on the face! A facial cost about 75 dollars and can vary depending on your needs!
I get a facial every few months to remove my blackheads. It costs me about $40 every time.

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