Monday, December 14, 2009

Products for blackheads?

Is there any good products to get rid of blackheads? I steam and exfoliate my face 2x a week. I use a mask 2x a week. I wash my face 2x a day. And it doesnt work, so is there anything else I can do?Products for blackheads?
I also have blackheads and bought Clearsil's new Daily Blackhead Control - Blackhead Control Scrub with natural sea salt scrub. It seems to actually be working and I noticed a difference. I actually used it for a while, then stopped because I had left it at school and blackheads started to come back, so I think it really might be effective.Products for blackheads?
there's clean and clear
i am the exact same way, and it's a pain.

the culprit might be foundation...if you use that there is a chance it's what's causeing them. that's all i can think of. if you find something that really works, let me know!
poke the top whith a pin and squese right beside it eventualy it will disapear but icky dry puss will come out so wear gloves
Steam your face like you normally do, then tab your face dry very very carefully with a very soft towel. Then take some regular scotch tape and put it on your blackheads. After 15 minutes, gentley take the tape off, don't rip.

If it didn't work, try again, or use biore pore strips.
It is a little expensive, but Proactive works really well. I no longer get blackheads as long as I use it faithfully.

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