Monday, December 14, 2009

What are blackheads?

i have a blackhead and acne remover cream but i don't know what are blackheadsWhat are blackheads?
black heads are zit with dirt in them. and they hurt when you try to pop them. i hav had them b4. white heads are easier to pop. and black head hav a blackish/ brownish color to them

*yep, ur welcome, i hope this helps.What are blackheads?
they are just pores that have accumulated dirt inside of them. they are different from pimples because pimples are infected. if you want to use a cream to get rid of them, that usually wont work. cream does prevent them though. use one of those sticky pad things.
tiny black pimples.You should exfoliate, steam and apply acne cream.
a blackhead is a pimple
A blackhead is exactly like a white head except it looks black.

ps: i'm not joking
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