Monday, December 14, 2009

HELP! I popped My PIMPLES and squeezed my BLACKHEADS!?

I popped 2 pimples, and squeezed out like 6 Blackheads, I always wash my face, but these ones are under the skin deep... and now its all red! How can I get this redness to go away faster?!!!HELP! I popped My PIMPLES and squeezed my BLACKHEADS!?
wash your face,take two advil, put visine on the redness, and get a good nights sleep! it will be all better in no time.HELP! I popped My PIMPLES and squeezed my BLACKHEADS!?
i have pretty good skin and wat i do is use the zeno. my mom is a physician so i'm able to get this stuff. you could get that at a walgreen's. first wash your face with Cetaphil daily gel. scrub softly for 2min. then use a toner like neutrogena. this is probably the best product you could use. and it's not just for girls. then moisturize your skin with facial creams that don't clog pores. if this still don't work go to a dermatologist.

Put something cool on your face, if you have any aloe vera plants around that would be great. Cucumbers would be good too, if you don't have any of that, just wash your face with cool water (it should feel nice too). It'll go down with the coolness and time.
Cold water. Not freezing though. It should heal overnight. And be careful you don't leave scarring. If you do, however, micro clear can fix that. You can find it in Neutrogena Acne Facial Wash. Get pink grapefruit it smells yummy!

If all else fails, coverup!
calm down.

as long as they were ready to pop the redness should be gone by tomorrow. just wash your face and get a good nights rest.

good luck. :D

and be careful when popping acne you might get scars.
put a hot wash rag on the areas.

and hold it there until it gets cold

then just put more hot water on the rag

till the redness goes away.
I know temptation is toooo high to pop them! Never ever do that again.

Try some quick and effective home remedies

Good Luck!
wash your face again

rinse off with cold water.

if its still red tomorrow wear concealer
u nasty as sh!t man
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