Monday, December 14, 2009

Skin redness and blackheads?

Ok so..around my nose and my chin i have blackheads and its pretty red and coverup and so many skin cleansers just arnt workin..

anyone know any resolutions?

Thank you. :)Skin redness and blackheads?
A good thing i use ( i have the same prob) is clean and clear black head remover.

I looove it

just use it regularly and you'll soon see a difference!Skin redness and blackheads?

Acne comes from greasy skin and the foods you eat.

Wash your face with a face cloth and soap every morning and night.

Add rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub the area.

Keep doing this and eventually it will help.

Good Luck
you should moisturize twice daily with a moisturizer designed for oily skin, exfoliate and wash at least twice daily.

I began using demoligica products and wow what a difference, no break outs in two months.
You didn't say if your skin is dry or oily..Neutrogena has all products for both kinds of skin.Use a soap that has NO oil..use a loofah . then scrub your face good..use a cream without oil at night. If it continues then see a dermatologist for medication.

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