Monday, December 14, 2009

Lots of tiny blackheads on chest help!

This issue as been bothering me for years and I finally need to take care of it once in for all.

I am only 17 and my parents will not let me see a dermatologist. So yahoo is the second best choice what are the best blackhead killers.

I drink lots of water

They been there forever

Do Bore strips work?

I tried the elmers glue and it kinda worked still lots though

Help!Lots of tiny blackheads on chest help!
toothpaste...if u have acne on u r body there is soap for that....Lots of tiny blackheads on chest help!
Hmm....its just suggestions though

Tooth has acne killing ingredients in it

There is acne soap bars out there made to wash with and kill body acne

What I use is Nuetrogena acne body scrub...its an orangish seems to work for me.
I had that problem when I was your age. By accident I found out when I was working outside with my shirt off the sun would dry up my oily skin and my pimples would disappear. It took about a week for my back to clear up.
You really should see a dermatologist about it but since they wont let you the Biore strips work really well. I have used them on my nose for a few years now and they work for me.
Well, if you can't go to dermatoligist; then I would try using a product called Acne Free. They have something called the terminator, which works pretty good on problem zits. Good luck!

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