Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Large pores and blackheads help!!!!?

I'm looking for a cheap over the counter product that can dramatically reduce large pores on my cheeks and nose. I'm almost 30 and feel its getting bad! Please help.Large pores and blackheads help!!!!?
Hey try a good exfoliater. Mary Kay has great one called Microderm abrasion. Its alot like going to the dermatologist and having them do it. It gets all the gunk out of your pores and feels your skin feeling super soft. Also just having a good skin regiman helps. Wash your face every morning and night, and use a good mosturizer ! Good luck :o)Large pores and blackheads help!!!!?
get an exfoliator..

Garnier has a good one..

But if you have large pores too i would recommend you see a dermatologist about it..

Blackheads can be steamed and removed with a tweezer.. Get it done from a salon by a professional...
Do you always have this kind of problem? if yes, it might be some thing wrong with your inner system. you need to rebuild your inner system before you can solve the problem. if you really interested in it, you can email me at saa_3600@yahoo.com.sg. hope that i have answered your question.
exfoliating every day is bad for you skin.

im asian so...we have really sensitive skin.

but just exfoliating in general can irritate it...so do do it every day.

what works is buy those blackhead strips removal packs. from biore and their heating mask.

first use the heating mask

then, boil water cover you head with a towel and put your face so the steam can open you pores (10 mins at least)

then immediately* after

dry you hands off and put on the pore removal strips.

you'll notice it takes off more blackheads whiteheads than just splashing water on you nose.
Look into Aveeno products. Their natural and there is no need for a RX (??). Your local supermarket or shopping center have them available.

Purchase one of their daily scrubs and a daily moisturizers. You will see a difference shortly. (it all depends on your body, ect..)

I've been using them for years now, its kept me clean and well moisturized.

Good luck.
Well i have probably tried everything lol but when i was low on money i would always get clearisel (sorry for the bad spelling) but now that i have some extra money i use proactiv and it is wonderfull!! i love it alot,and you can get it for $19.99 and free shipping,i had acne really bad when i was a teen and i am 22 now and i still had acne until i used the clearisel,and now the proactive and let me tell you,it basicly goes away over nite with proactive!!

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