Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Need help with blackheads?

I have a losing battle with blackheads right now. I have tried special face washes with salicylic??? acid and an astringent for blackheads every day and it hasn't done much good. My mom (and sister) think its time for me to try some other products, including cleansers and masks and my mom even said about me having an occasional facial to control it. As a guy I'd really like to not go there. Do you know any products that are guy friendly and really work?

KeriNeed help with blackheads?
Try using a cleaning agent, a toner, and then a light salicylic acid based moisturizer. If you have the occasional pimple, use a refining mask overnight,... I would suggest using BellaClear.. Good luck.Need help with blackheads?
Yeah, I don't think that facials are usually necessary. I am a firm believer in cleansing, toning, and moisturizing every morning and every night. I have been using ProActive for 7 years and I am not kidding when I say I don't remember the last time i had blackheads and pimples.

But i think there are tons of other face products. Just always make sure that you are using a cleaner, toner and moisturizer. Toners will help even out skin tone and minimize pores, therefore minimizing the occurrence and appearance of blackheads.

Hope this helps!
Facials are really the only way to go. It really isn't bad and is actually very relaxing. The cleansers are only good to ';prevent'; blackheads from forming. So, just go for the 1 time facial and then get the cleansers to keep up with it.
Try using an exfoliant to help with the blackheads. I have been using Dermalogica's microfoliant and my skin has never looked better. It's expensive but I think it's worth it.

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