Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These nasty blackheads?

I have blackheads on my nose that are very small and I don't worry about much. However, I have just gotten these blackheads on my chin (just a few) that are bigger, and aren't underneath my skin. They kind of pop out a little like a small pimple. I have put over the counter products on them, but they don't seem to work%26gt; Anybody know what to do - they are really annoying me!!These nasty blackheads?
had the same problem... go to a dermatologist they can extract them... thats all i foind that worked

best of luck!These nasty blackheads?
go buy a blackhead remover, and you can also buy pore strips that u can use on your nose, forehead and chin. good luck
Disolve one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin over 2 tbsp milk over low-heat in saucepan. Wait for mixture to cool down a bit. Then spread over blackheads. wait 30 min, and peel off, and as u peel off, blackheads will get peeled off too
check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:--/Whiteheads/Blackheads/

I hope this would help you:

Tips to remove blackheads

This is something u probably never heard before....but it sounds to me that u are allergic or perhaps your skin is allergic to perfume products.;...you need to stop using any kind of soap that has perfume...use hypoallergenic products always.....do not use any kind of soap that has it.......I use Dove soap....not with perfume...the one without it......for sensitive skin....I had broken out in blackheads on my back mostly....and sometimes on my forehead and face.....this is the only product that works.......if you wear perfume...do not put it on your body....just spray a little bit...and walk backwards into it.......not forwards....I know it sounds weird but it works...I am very senstive....and have broken out in blackheads for years.....I am older now.....in earyly 40's and I can say this really helps....any blackheads you have now on your face....wet a cloth with hot water and allow it to set on your face....then rinse your face in cool water...the blackheads are clear then.....then try to squeeze them out if you can...it really works.....also rinse your face in witch hazel....a very cooling astingent that works very well....try it...I swear by this routine.....Good luck!
Try getting some blackhead strips u put them on then wet them with water and they stick down into your pores then when they are dried (usually takes bout 10-15mins) you rip them off and whatever is blocking your pores comes out with it. Its painful but they say beauty is pain! Good luck!
Use an over-the-counter product like Neutrogena. But, look for a specific product that has ';micro-beads'; in it. This scrubs away the blackheads because it ';massages'; your pores and digs them out.

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