Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best way to clear all your blackheads?

I heard you can go to a salon or something and they can get them all out.

Biore strips is what I am gonna get soon,

You rip them fast right?

Is this how you use them

Clean face

wetting stirps with hot water

Wait tell they are fully dry

Rip fast

Add ice to skin to close bores?Best way to clear all your blackheads?
What I have done is not only used the biore strips but also like cleansing masks and as bad as this may be sometimes i even poke at them myself. So i clean with cleansers daily, then poke at them occasionaly and use the strips, that way whatever i had already ';loosened'; so to speak comes fully out with the stripsBest way to clear all your blackheads?
this is what i do:

1. Wash face w/Dove Beauty Bar

2. Exfoliate w/St. Ives Apriot Scrub

3. Dab toothpast on problem areas (leave it on for an hour or more)

You can buy the Dove Beauty Bar anywhere. if you have oily skin it's good because it dries out your skin a little. (my mom swears by it).

St. Ives Apriot Scrub you can get at Wal-Mart...i got it at my local groccery store once.

For toothpaste, i use Crest. it really doesn't matter what brand you use. it does sting a little though.

Sure i've heard that too, but this is what i've done:

take a needle, and put it in a pot of boiling water, and then take it out and let it cool.

put cream onto your blackheads, and rub it, then, squeeze your blackhead and poke it with the needle

(this is kinda gross) then some sort of puss (yellow) will come out, wipe it off and then clean the blackhead and by the next day it should be healed.


hope that helps!

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