Thursday, December 17, 2009

How can u get rid of blackheads on ur nose and face???

PLEASE HELPHow can u get rid of blackheads on ur nose and face???
Try using nose and facial strips. Biore have a good range of productsHow can u get rid of blackheads on ur nose and face???
put some strong duct tape on ur face and rip it off
Use pore strips!!! Biore puts some out, to name 1.
I use clean and clear, the kind with the pump. It helps clean your skin, without causing you to have more breakouts.
just wash ur damn face.
BIORE has some good black head removal strips
Those Biore (I think that's the brand) pore strips are really good. Wash your face with warm water, or fill your sink with hot water, and cover your head with a towel. Then, stick them o your nose, allow to dry, and pull off. They take away a bunch of black heads!
That is a racist question. Why only blackheads, why not whiteheads?
squeeze that sh*t out. and wash your face more often. it's just oil buildup. try those biore strips or any other brand of strips.
Ponds clear strips are great for removal.

check this out:鈥?/a>
acnefree it really works. i use it for pimples but it will work for blackheads to.
st ives blackhead and pore scrubing cleanser!!! the best!!!
have your b/f suck them out
Just ensure your face is washed clean at the end of the day and use exfoliation once or twice a week.
I would suggest Joey Pore Minimizer. I use it to get rid of blackheads, and itr works wonders. I use it once a week at night. You can get it at Sephoria, or
check this out mama...i use neutrogena and i swear it is a life saver...being a stunning african-american female, our skin is prone to break- outs because majority of us have oily skin. never bust them open prematurely because you can leave ugly blemishes on your face. if you are really impatient, get a hot rag and hold it over the blackhead. this will soften and open it up naturally and this will reduce the appearence of discoloration. holla back!
use a face cleanser everyday ,dont use soap cause it is bad for ur skin ,i used to have a problem with blackheads and i started using face scrubs and and cleansers
use black ople, or a skin toner like proactive solution has its hella good!
Aveeno products are excellent for ur skin. if you have dry skin your skin won't feel all dried up and if you have oily skin it will definately fix it. Use the same products ex- face wash and lotion
Wash gel or hairspray residue out of your hair before you go to sleep at night, especially if you sweat during the day.

Also use Stridex pads to dry your skin before you go to sleep, not moisturizers.

Go to a dermatologists if the above methods dont work and they will prescribe you to a stronger pad that will probably work.
I use neutrogena blackhead eliminating daily scrub (for your face).....drink lots of get rid of the blackheads on your nose you can also use nose strips they help too..........also there's an acne wash that is a 60 second face mask that you can use for your blackheads because it has salylic acid which is good for clearing up blackheads

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